6-11-05: Some more BoC, including a very nice close up of Atlas.

5-31-05: Another BoC, with new images for each and every one of the little moons up to the size of Janus!

5-19-05: Updated BoC with new images of Pan, Methone, Pallene, and the first of Polydeuces!

4-18-05: Updated BoC... and while I was at it, did a total rehaul on all the small moon images on the site. Plus found a few more. :)

4-12-05: Added four new BoC pictures for some small moons. All from March. o_O

4-11-05: Updated with a new Hyperion for BoC. About five minutes before shcool. :P

4-2-05: Whoa, hey! New moon names! Since they're randomly distributed through Jupiter's stock of unnamed moons, I finally made individual pages for all of Jupiter's moons. Went around and updated lists accordingly.

4-1-05: Updated BoC. The Cassini raw images page is almost back to normal with listing distances, which is very nice. What's better? An unexpected and unmentioned Epimetheus flyby, perhaps? ;)

3-7-05: Updated with a page for Polydeuces, references to S/2003 S1 being named Narvi, and a few file name fixes. 'Nother Enceledus flyby coming up soon. :)

2-21-05: Heyhey.. I come bearing an Enceladus flyby and a bunch of pictures resolving the inner moons of Saturn as more than dots for BoC! :D

1-19-05: Oh, wow. Huygens rocked. :) Updated BoC with new pictures of Mimas, Enceladus, Rhea, and a surprise picture of Titan. :P

1-1-05: Just updating for 2005. Might have a new picture of Iapetus for BoC later.

12-27-04: According to the USGS, S/2004 S1 and S2 have names: Methone and Pallene! Updated a lot of stuff with those names.

12-15-04: Updated with new images for Best of Cassini from the Titan-B and Dione flybys! Predictably, the new one for Titan is equally dull, but look at that Dione! Damn! :)

12-4-04: Hey, they finally added Pan to the raw images archive! :) Plus, 2004 DW has been named: Orcus!

11-15-04: I usually don't update for one picture, but I got a new one for Atlas. I guess it goes without saying that this is in Best of Cassini.

11-5-04: Four new ones for Best of Cassini. Damn good one of Tethys.

10-27-04: Best of Cassini update. Although it doesn't look like much, that's a really high resolution photo of Titan.

10-23-04: Some significantly better pictures in Best of Cassini, plus a new intro paragraph thing there, too.

10-20-04: New pictures of Pandora and Hyperion for Best of Cassini.

10-17-04: Yeah, I might have to stop doing this, or at least more carefully select which updates I show. But until then... got some more. Iapetus is lookin' good. :)

10-15-04: Andsomemore.

10-13-04: Updated with some more pages to Best of Cassini.

10-8-04: Updated Best of Cassini with new pictures for several inner moons, and with the numbers for Sedna and 2004 DW.

8-16-04: Updated with newly discovered moons S/2004 S1 and 2.

7-16-04: Added Best of Cassini page.

7-3-04: Updated with a new picture of Pan from Cassini.

6-16-04: Added detailed captions for the comparison pictures, and added a few moons near the cutoff limit to Jupiter's moons' picture.

6-13-04: Fixed the comparison pictures so the larger moons aren't giant ugly blurs. Also, put up yet another new Phoebe, this time the last one unless we get one in color.

6-11-04: Added a new Phoebe picture from yesterday. Whee.

6-9-04: Updated with the newly released best picture of Phoebe ever. May put another one up before the flyby this Friday.

5-26-04: Added the comparisons page.

5-10-04: Fixed the collage, only rows of five, now. Chopped Quaoar off the end, too. Because it was kinda weird for it to be there.

5-7-04: Uploaded some better pictures for several planets.

3-27-04: Upgraded to v1.0. Whoo. Includes SECTIONS! Oh boy. Also made this page.

2003: Upgraded to v0.5, which really just meant I had content sitting in a big pile. Really created everything of current site from scratch, here.

From SCIENCE: A Subsite (v0.0):
06-27-02: Yeah, so this isn't an update. I just felt like mentioning I haven't completely forgotten this site, and have some plans for an Astronomy area in the works.

12-24-01: Just passing through. Reformatting things, and although there's nothing to do here except link to it, I felt like leaving a mark.

10-22-01: You've found my new science sub-site. Come back some other time to see if there's anything here yet..